As we enter into the month of July and 2020 continues down a bumpy, uncertain path, the Lovin’ Every Day Foundation’s Board continues to work hard staying aligned with our mission and supporting the lives of our loved ones, our communities and our schools. In looking back on the past 6 months, we are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.

In February for heart health month, we were able to get a lot accomplished before the COVID virus started to ramp up in our nation. With CPR/AED training becoming a main focus for us in 2020, we started  the month of February assisting Project SAVE in training nearly 50 participants and coaches from Girls on the Run. The Lovin’ Every Day Foundation held it’s 1st community CPR/AED community training at Cambridge High School on February 22nd and certified 25 participants. We also had an opportunity to assist with The Better Outcomes Foundation in training a total of 50 individuals at the Georgia State Capitol. So, in total, for the month of February, we were able to take part in training 125 individuals on how to save a life!

The 2nd week of February we celebrated Kindness Week in honor of Matthew. We made kindness cards and encouraged the community to take part in random acts of kindness, by being kind or extending a nice gesture to another whether it be at school, your workplace, for your family or when you are out in society.

We hosted a coffee and donut event at Hopewell Middle School in honor of Kindness Week. We were able to give back to them as a way of saying thank you for supporting us along the way.

We partnered with Cambridge High School for their RACK Week and were able to participate in some great activities amongst the students to show random acts of kindness amongst their peers, to their teachers and even their parents.  

As March came around and COVID became an issue, we quickly realized we needed to cancel some of our scheduled face to face CPR classes. In addition, we postponed our annual benefit to February.

The one thing that remained constant was our requests from cardiologists for home AED’s (automated external defibrillators) for families in need. In April, we donated 2 AED’s, 1 AED in May and we just sent another AED to a family in Illinois this month.

To date, we have donated a total of 15 AED’s since we started our foundation in October 2018!

Most recently, at the end of June, we were able to safely certify the 6th, 7th and 8th grade Cambridge Feeder coaches in CPR/AED through social distancing at the CHS football field. We are so excited these coaches have taken the initiative to learn CPR and how to use an AED and understand how important it is to recognize the signs and symptoms of an underlying cardiac condition. Our coaches are the eyes and ears on the field for our athletes and it’s extremely important to always be engaged with your players, watching for any signs or symptoms of cardiac related issues.

Moving forward with our planning for the benefit, we have pushed back the date to February 27th. It is going to be a great event with a Casino Night theme. We are looking forward to not only gathering with our family and friends for a wonderful night of fellowship but to give you all a chance to hear about what The Lovin’ Every Day Foundation has in store for the upcoming year.

We know this has been a difficult year and we are heading into uncertain times. The Lovin’ Every Day Foundation is committed to staying aligned with our mission and will continue to  support the lives of our loved ones, our communities and our schools. We need your continued support and appreciate all of you in helping us make this happen. Thank you to each and everyone of you for helping us make a difference! Love today, tomorrow and every day as nothing is ever promised!

Anne LeMoyne