Fulfilled and Grateful in December

The Lovin’ Every Day Foundation was able to wrap up its 2019 year by feeling fulfilled and grateful to help a few families in need. It felt slightly more special than usual. Not to take away from any of the other times we’ve helped others, but there is always something magical about the month of December. For one, it’s the Christmas season. It’s a magical time of year. But, I think a big part of it is the fact that this is the month of Matthew’s birthday as well. Matthew would have been 17 y.o. on December 9th.  Matthew loved this time of year...after all, he was able to celebrate all month long it seemed. Getting gifts at the beginning and end of the month was nothing short of pretty amazing :)

When the call or email comes to us for that family in need of an AED, it always feels quite gratifying to be able to provide them with this gift of protecting their life. Living even one day or night without the means to be able to save your child, in the event of them going into cardiac arrest is one of the worst feelings there is. Imagine that child who has a severe peanut allergy, who is required to have an epi-pen but the family doesn’t have it, it’s much the same. 

To help a  family whose child is born with a genetic cardiac condition, faced with surgery and the financial burden that has taken them to their furthest limit that most could not comprehend, it feels really good to know that on some level our foundation can take a little bit of the burden away.   I encourage you to follow the Topham family on facebook to hear about their incredible journey.  The Lovin’ Every Day Foundation is quite passionate about this little bundle of joy! We are continually praying for Asher’s progress, strength and health and look forward to his return home here in GA. You can follow their public group, Asher’s Big Heart Adventure. Asher has undergone heart surgery and is doing very well. This is an amazingly strong family that has endured many obstacles since the birth of Asher.

Topham Family

Per mom (Ashley), Asher is “ officially off of all pain meds, has oxygen saturations in the 80s (perfect for him!), and is back to our happy, smiley boy.”

Looking back at the beginning of the year and trying to understand what we needed to do and how we needed to accomplish it was exciting and overwhelming all wrapped up together in one big ball. The hard work of our board, outstanding support of our community and donors and the ability to navigate ourselves within the community has made this journey truly rewarding.

Moving forward through 2020, we are excited to continue to learn and grow. We will continue to provide AEDs to families in need, bring awareness to cardiac conditions and provide funding for research. Our ongoing work will bring us out into the community more.  Our goal is to create a community of first responders.  Not only adults, but children too. We will target schools, sports teams, church groups, girl scout and boy scout troops and babysitters. Prevention is key and knowing how to respond in an emergency saves lives. Research suggests that students as young as 9 years old will retain these life saving skills.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2020 and to be sure to love every day! 

Anne, Kevin, Kamryn and Nate